Ukradená Carolina Reaper nebo ne ?

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Ukradená Carolina Reaper nebo ne ?

Příspěvekod OMO » 03 srp 2017 11:29

Už několik let se spekuluje o tom, že Carolina Reaper je vlastně ukradený 7 pot Primo. Tady je názor Tonyho Sherwooda. Docela známá postavička ve světě čili. Názor si udělejte sami.

What's on my mine?
Same shit for so many years.
Truly getting so tired of seeing about ed and a reaper in my group. For those that need to no what's really going on here you go.

1) Ed Currie has lied to all the major news outlets about cancer research (none of the researchers or scientist from the various universities know of him). He has also lied about having various cancers to get attention / sympathy.
2) He has changed his story 8+ on the parental lineage of his pepper creation. See this article which sums up things nicely: ... na-reaper/
3) Troy Primo created the 7 Pot Primo while in school at ULL back in 2005. Troy sold seeds to Ed also along with both the Naga Morich and 7Pot Primo.Ed Came on the scene in 2012 with an identical pepper. Ed can't prove it (pictures /Documents )So many feel and believe the 7pot primo pepper are the same as what he is renamed the Carolina Reaper... Tom Johnson of southwest bio labs in Los Cruses, New Mexico, did capsaicinoid (fingerprint) testing of both peppers and they are identical.
4) Ed doesn't even know how to cross breed peppers. When asked if he emasculates his pepper flowers (the only scientific way to quantify a cross), he didn't even know what that meant. Basically, he claims the ants crossed his two pepper varieties to create the Carolina Reaper.
5) He talked a family business (Madison Chocolatiers) into selling their chocolate company and moving down to Carolina to be a partner in the Puckerbutt Chocolates division. When they arrived he acted like he knew nothing of a verbal deal. They have since worked for the Puckerbutts as indentured servants. Stuck in Carolina. Renee has shared many insightful stories.
6) He uses "God" and religion to come across as a great person, when in reality he is a cut throat businessman that bullies people (with the aid of his bodyguard / partner Brett Rodgers) at various shows and events. From what I've heard from many in the industry, his business dealings always come out bad.
7)Proceeds from the auction of custom autographed (by many of the industry greats) hot sauce bottles and a past NYC hot sauce festival for Wounded Warriors can not be found. When Wounded Warriors was contacted, they knew nothing of the auction, nor did anyone have their written permission to conduct it. He has told people couple years ago that his "lung cancer was back." This has been proven to be a lie for only attention just like a guy with the last name of Phillips having cancer.I will not add him in this right now. Will later ....
9) Guinness has taken thousands of dollars (filing fees) from Currie. Still no one has seen the data but them. Sources close to the company say he doesn't even have all the data documented (after all he has changed his story many times). Guinness is in it for the money, not the science. Thus, no peer review.

I mean it goes on and on..... Just google "7 Pot Primo vs Carolina Reaper. Do an image search.... Check into things. Look up his Pakistan Naga and Habanero Sweet Pepper.
Nothing is found is there. Ask him yourself.

So may have been personally ripped off and most of all Troy which is the man that deserves every bit of credit ...Eds "cancer card" that gets him on Good Morning America and say that he's doing cancer research and using my Carbonero Cross he's trying to cure his own cancer It's all a huge lie. Still, the media eat it up. ... na-reaper/
Me and many others are so tired of explaining this we are getting pissed off more and more each time we having to teach the true facts of ed curries lies to everyone that looks up to him as he has something or done something but has Reaper this and Reaper that everywhere.
Every bit of money that is put in to food or towards his family is stolen from Troy Primo....
Just waiting on ed himself to come forward and give answers and show proof of this of many years me and many others have ask for it and still cannot do so.

Life Is Too Short for Mild Hot Sauce

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Re: Ukradená Carolina Reaper nebo ne ?

Příspěvekod Zrzek » 03 srp 2017 15:02

nezbývá než od důvěryhodného zdroje semen koupit oboje a vyzkoušet na vlastní kůži. Sranda :-) vím, že jde o hodně velké peníze. Jestli jsem dobře pochopil tak test DNA byl udělaný a výsledky vyšly stejně jak u PRIMO tak Caroliny.
Z mého skromného pohledu je to jenom konkurenční boj, nic jiného.
A ten příběh o Curieho rakovině? Ať už je to pravda nebo ne, nemoci se do obchodování přece netahají. V obchodování nejsou lidi kteří by ti dali prachy jen proto, že brzo umřeš. A výzkum chilli x rakovina taky neprokázal, že chilli vyléčí rakovinu. To by bylo moc jednoduché.
Dle mého jako prevence (rakoviny) dobré, ale to jsou i borůvky a jiné.
Celý článek je podle mě jenom víše zmíněný konkurenční boj. Mé rozhodování jesti si koupím Primo nebo Carolinu to stejně neovlivní.
Nehledě na odkazování se na ,,Boha" To už tam taky nepatří.
Ale můj názor může být skreslený překladačem bo cizími jazyky nevládnu.

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Re: Ukradená Carolina Reaper nebo ne ?

Příspěvekod lobo » 03 srp 2017 21:40

Tohle je vec kterou jsem.v hlave resil uz nespocetnekrat protoze obe dve rostliny vypadaji stejne, tedy stavba rostliny,velikost a tvar listu a hlavne take plody naprosto identické. To je ma osobni zkusenost. Navic pokud Ed neni schopen detailne a srozumitelne popsat jak Carolinu vyslechtil, pokud k celemu procesu nema zadnou fotodokumentaci pak je to velice podezřelé a ja osobne se priklanim k tvrzeni ze Carolina je ukradene Primo. Protoze ten kdo se venuje breedingu tak moc dobře vi ze fotodokumentace a popisky jsou základem a jsou to cinnosti, ktere si skechtitel vede automaticky a neustale s temito informacemi pracuje a ma je pečlivě uschovane. Dle mého nazoru ktery e zaklada na techto vsech zkutecnostech je ED Currie zlodej

Zpět na „Všeobecné informace o chilli papričkách“

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